Latest: Arabile Gumede Of CNBC Exposed

Arabile Gumede, senior reporter and anchor for CNBC, has been exposed as a notable liar, cheat, and swindler. Khanyi Charlie has gone on a rant on Twitter, accusing Gumede of being a conman when it comes to women.

The claims leveled against SABC’s business reporter, Arabile Gumede, have sparked outrage on Twitter. Khanyi Charlie left no stone unturned in her condemnation of Gumede for duping her into false hope of a relationship with him, only for him to bail at the last minute and leave her stranded.

“I am writing this sitting in a hotel in London – invited by a man who has for the past year; strung me along, lied to and gaslit me to no end” wrote Khanyi Charlie


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In a series of tweets, Khanyi Charlie is not only blasting Gumede for what she did to her. However, the outrage is also directed to other women who might also fall victims to some of Gumede’s evil tactics, especially towards women.

“I will not say much else about this because I know my truth, and have had multiple women reach out to me about how he was currently doing the same to them. And those who have shared their past experiences here as well” wrote Khanyi Charlie


Even though scores of people have also blamed Khanyi Charlie for willingly taken parts in what is now referred to being scammed by a man who promised to love her. She, however is not shying away as she takes full responsibility and accountability for some of her actions.

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Her intentions of exposing Gumede are purely to warn and protect the next women, who might fall victim to Gumede’s alleged fraudulent, conniving and scheming ways.

“I take responsibility and accountability for my errs in judgement, that’s why I make it clear even in the thread that I made certain decisions and acted stupidly. The scale of what he is allegedly doing is a lot bigger than I had imagined” wrote Khanyi Charlie


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Other women including YouTuber Siyamthanda Ndamase have come forth to air some of their encounters with Arabile Gumede and how he played to their feelings for his own benefit. Ndamase relayed how a number of women came to her DM’s to warn her about Gumede and his other relationships.

“He deactivated, as expected. He’s seething wherever he is lol. You don’t oust narcissists, their image is everything to them. Arabile is a fraud and narcissist. He’s knocked on my door and 1-2 other people in my circles. Anyway, count yourself lucky. You dodged a bullet my girl” wrote Do Not Try Me

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